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Savant's Haven

Jus in belo - 'just conduct in warfare'

One big reason I enjoy being alone.

I can read without any one interrupting me, let alone interrupting me ten FUCKING TIMES within on GOD DAMED CHAPTER!!

Here's a clue. If I'm reading a book, or anything else, it means I don't want to fucking Talk To YOU!! Please leave me ALONE!!!!! I

n short, unless it's an Emergancy,


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I could go into a tyrad on the things that people do that "trigger" me, but I don't, and I likely won't (unless it's to make a certen point), because I deal with my own shit instead of making everyone else responsible for my emotional well being.

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Oh, and my oncologist says in doing fine. No sign of remission.

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When I'm not trying so hard, which is happening more and more often, I realize that I have a really good life.

I don't have everything that I want and I don't always have everything that I need, but I have some good people around me who care about me (even when my brain says they don't or shouldn't). I have things to do that challenge me and that I enjoy.

I'm coming to realize, (... Again?) that I don't have to keep track of everything that everyone thinks I need to keep track of. (I'm in the process of culling Facebook groups and pages.) Andd if what makes me happy is unpopular who cares, if it bothers people it's not my problem unless they try to change me which point I can take necessary action, but people don't care unless I put a counterpoint on a news site on Facebook. Why do I care what they think anyway?

"Why do I care?" is a good question. I want to leave this world a better place than I found it and there are just so many asshats running around. But I can't fix everyone... Or anyone for that matter. So I choose to live by example.

In other news:
I have found that eating too many carbs, espechily grains throws my moods off and that exercise is a joy that wrangles my moods back in. I found myself wondering why it takes to become a trainer or fitness coach this morning. I'll look in to that later though if the idea sticks with me.

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Done today

-swept the kitchen and foyer
-started dishes x2
-wiped down counters
-put trash and recycling at curb
-cleaned downstairs litter boxes
-took to/picked up books at library
-checked Facebook notifications
-chatted with Michelle and Jaidyn
-read some of Ever After by Kim Harrison

-made dinner, chicken/turkey and carrots soup
-read 30 pages
-arranged to have my cape hemmed by a friend finally
-had meeting with Derwin's nurse supervisor

To be edited as I go. ;)

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I think that we've been taught that if we go under, or rather within, that we will find darkness and the worst parts of humanity, yet the best parts of ourselves are often hiding there in the darkness with us waiting to be found and worked with.


The Emerald Tablet (Tabula Smaragdina)
1) It is true without untruth, certain and most true:
2) that which is below is like that which is on high, and that which is on high is like that
which is below; by these things are made the miracles of one thing.
3) And as all things are, and come from One, by the mediation of One, So all things are born
from this unique thing by adaption.
4) The Sun is the father and the Moon the mother.
5) The wind carries it in its stomach. The earth is its nourisher and its receptacle.
6 The Father of all the Theleme of the universal world is here.
6a) Its force, or power, remains entire,
7) if it is converted into earth.
7a) You separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, gently with great
8) It climbs from the earth and descends from the sky, and receives the force of things
superior and things inferior.
9) You will have by this way, the glory of the world and all obscurity will flee from you.
10) It is the power strong with all power, for it will defeat every subtle thing and penetrate
every solid thing
11a) In this way the world was created.
12) From it are born wonderful adaptations, of which the way here is given.
13) That is why I have been called Hermes Tristmegistus, having the three parts of the
universal philosophy.
14) This, that I have called the solar Work, is complete.


Your result for The Unusually Accurate What Deity Should You Worship Test ...
“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family”
You view your home and/or family as the "ground" of your existence. Don't be fooled. There's a Force there, guiding that perception, and you should definitely say "thank you" once in a while.
In ancient cultures, this Spirit was given nicknames such as;
Bast, Aspelenie, and Freya...and...(I know I said I wouldn't mention Romans, but...) the Lares & Penates (believe me...they were worshiped waaaay before the ascendancy of the Empire.
You may wish to choose an inviolate place in your house make an offering to this Spirit.
There's no trick to it...I'd say, just contemplate your home, your ancestors and the places they've lived, and all the wonderful things your home means to you and just say "thanks" to no one in particular...the force of your home will get the message. :)
It's wonderful to feel like there's a place where you absolutely belong, are accepted and feel safe...isn't it...?

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)
Nature Distribution
You scored 29% on Nature, higher than 80% of your peers.
War Distribution
You scored 8% on War, higher than 54% of your peers.
Suffering Distribution
You scored 0% on Suffering, higher than 14% of your peers.
DailyLife Distribution
You scored 21% on DailyLife, higher than 91% of your peers.
Home Distribution
You scored 29% on Home, higher than 93% of your peers.
Mystery Distribution
You scored 7% on Mystery, higher than 10% of your peers.
Potions Distribution
You scored 0% on Potions, higher than 25% of your peers.
AstralBodies Distribution
You scored 0% on AstralBodies, higher than 16% of your peers.
Destiny Distribution
You scored 7% on Destiny, higher than 49% of your peers.

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0127 on the 13th
I really should be heading to bed but I wanted to journal first.

I reopened and transferred my digital magical notes over to savantium, my magical journal. I really do not think paper journaling is for me. I love the versatility and ease of LJ. I just finished that up. I kept forgetting that I was in the middle of doing it. Just as I keep forgetting that I am in the middle of reading an email from uke_avalon

Today I slept in after going to bed at 0630. Derwin confused his bosses at work about the hearing aid and Kerr programs and they called me at 0930. I'm sure I was surly. I clerified things for them and then went back to sleep. Tyrnan called at 1230 and woke me again. He was on his way to the eye doctor because he hadn't adjusted to his new glasses in under four days. He let me go so I could go back to sleep but my bladder disagreed with that plan and I got up and showered. Made breakfast and such.

Derwin got home first and didn't close the garage. Then Brian got home and gave him hell for forgetting. I took off with the car to the library, Powell's and then the bank. I picked up "Why we get fat and what to do about it" by Gary Taubes, "The Weiser concise guide to alchemy" by Brian Cotnoir, "The way of the crucible" by Robert Allen Bartlett, and "The book of crystal spells" by Ember Grant. The first book was prebought and my main reason for going. The last book practically jumped off the shelf and demanded I take it home with me.

I realized that I had spent more money than I had intended and really need to watch that next month and pay Amanda back and get Erik to do my reading first thing.

I got none of the gardening done I had planed but did a little reading and much chatting on fb. I made the peirogies for dinner. some of them had been punctured and gotten water inside and were no longer good and got tossed. But there was more than enough for everyone.

Brian and I spent the evening listening to old country music and tinkering on our respective computers while Derwin hung out in his bedroom. I still wish I had gotten more reading done.

Ah well. It is late and I told Brian to wake me after he finished with my screed project so I could help him with the garage tomorrow before the magical meet up. I still need to make my dish for tomorrow as well. That will be easy though. Assuming I have frozen peas. If not I will need to go to the store first.

Good night y'all. Safe travels.

Started 07/05/2013
Us humans are lots of small tribes crammed into tiny spaces we call cities and towns, why are we so surprised that its so hard for us to get along?

This evenings meal was delicious. It could probably use some refining but it still taste good. Steamed shrimp dumplings sprinkled with sesame oil and mushroom sauce, blanched baby bak choy with a spicy sauce, mung bean-sprouts fresh from our counter. There was also rice but I am trying to avoid starches.

This is after having Sonic for lunch with a molten cake desert and a chocolate cherry rootbeer. 0_0

We did a good bit of running around today. We bought two 10'X10' easy-up canopies from Grocery outlet because it is the cheapest we have ever seen it plus they had a $20 off limit two coupon to go with it. So they were dirt cheap. One is for the back porch and the other will be for vending. I will sew some side panels for it over the next year. We stopped at the closest store and I called two others before finding one that still had them in stock.

I mailed uke_avalon's birthday gift to him today. They said it should reach him on Monday. Brian showed me where his friend took him fishing this year and its a nice little spot I think I would like to go swimming. The idea makes Brian's teeth chatter. lol Lizard! We cleaned up some mess that other people made of the area. Two paper grocery bags full. I'm still always amazed at how filthy my fellow Americans are.

I have done one walk today. And started reading "She loses, He loses" by Karen Miller-Kovach. Dr. Moffit recommended Weight Watchers and I know that it worked well for Kat and Taylor so I am reading the material. Seems finding a definitive guide to start with is hard to find which I find very frustrating.

0013 on the 6th
I'm down to just a hand full of things still to wash. That makes three loads of dishes his evening. But that's for the last two days. I am considering packing up half of our coffee mugs to free up some cupboard space.I will ask Brian what he thinks of that tomorrow. He was napping after dinner, food coma, and helped me put the last of the food away then headed to bed.

Discussing gender issues with uke_avalon I said this.
"I think one of the things that get me about gender identity is that most of it is based off societies view of what each gender is and should be/look like while in truth we are all a flux of being and can call upon either spectrum as needed or desired."

I got the last of the dishes done and drying. I have spent way more time on facebook than I did reading and that sucks. Need to adjust that. I think I will bake banana bread tomorrow night. For now I think I need to head to bed. Good night y'all and Safe travels.

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